Jobs in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a flourishing city and in general, the Israeli economy is performing extremely well. Thanks to this, there are plenty of employment opportunities in Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas.

The country’s financial centre is in Tel Aviv, the Borsa or Tel Aviv Stoke Exchange (TASE). It is located just a few minutes’ walk from the Savidor Center train station in the neighborhood of Ramat Gan. In the area surrounding the Bursa a large number of industries have flourished. The main Diamond Exchange is just next door and there are plenty of jewellery shops and diamond dealerships in the area.

Of course, today Israel is best known as a high-tech nation and across Tel Aviv are areas where the industry is flourishing. There are a number of companies in the vicinity of the Bursa, both new start-ups and better established companies.

Just up the road is the Azrieli Centre. The centre is a series of three skyscrapers that are home to a number of offices, a large shopping mall, a cinema and more. This is another central location of employment in Tel Aviv, with a mixture of high-tech companies and other industries occupying the office space.

As with any modern city, there are centres of economic activity spread all over with a number of ‘hotspots’. Furthermore, just a few minutes up the road from Tel Aviv is the town of Herzliya. A number of major companies, including Dell, Microsoft and 888 Holdings, have their office space in Herzliya and a large number of people make the short commute each day.

In short, there are plenty of jobs and employment opportunities in Tel Aviv and as the economy continues to grow, so too will the job market.


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