Restaurants in Tel Aviv for Every Taste and Budget

If you like food then Tel Aviv is definitely the city for you. Israelis love to eat and you will find a huge amount of choice in Tel Aviv, with options to suit every taste and budget.

Those in search of local cuisine need just walk around some of Tel Aviv’s neighbourhoods to find plenty of options. Israelis will argue for hours on end where the best hummus can be found, but in Tel Aviv the favourites include Abu Hassan (HaDolphin Street), Caspi (with six branches spread across the city), Abu Adham (Carlebach Street), and Mshawashe (Pinsker Street).

If you are looking for a more upmarket experience, maybe for a special evening out, then Tel Aviv has a surprisingly large range of world-class restaurants. For instance, the restaurant Messa was recently named one of the ’50 most beautiful restaurants in the world’ by the respected design magazine Wallpaper. You could also visit the restaurant Herbert Samuel. Run by one of Israel’s most celebrated chefs, Yonatan Roshfeld, it offers amazing views across the sea and some delicious dishes.

Of course, there are plenty of options for those on a tighter budget. There are many street food places offering delicious and filling foods such as falafel and sabich (an Israeli food that has to be tried at least once). You can also find plenty of slightly more upmarket places that won’t break the bank and offer a range of Israeli and international cuisine.

It is also worth noting that Tel Aviv is a fantastic destination for vegans. There are over 400 vegan restaurants in the city, as veganism is incredibly popular in Israel. Furthermore, you will find that many standard restaurants offer vegan options.

Whatever type of food you enjoy, rest assured that Tel Aviv has it on offer.