Special Interest in Tel Aviv – Going Beyond the Beach

While Tel Aviv draws lots of people for the sun, sea and sand, there is plenty to do for those that aren’t interested in sunbathing all day.

There are loads of museums to visit. History buffs are sure to enjoy the Eretz Israel Museum, an archaeology museum that showcases different aspects of history. Art lovers will want to visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which is home to a huge collection of works by both Israeli and international artists. In a similar vein is the Bauhaus Museum where you can learn about the development of the Bauhaus style in the city (and you can also do a walking tour complete with audio guide). You can also visit Independence Hall, where the country declared independence in 1948.

If you don’t want to be stuck in a museum then there is still plenty to do. You can go for a walk around some of the city’s historic neighbourhoods, such as Neve Tzedek, where you will find design stores, fashion boutiques, and more. Or you could pay a visit to one of the city’s markets, such as the Carmel Market, and taste some wonderful local food. Another option is to visit Sarona, a former German Templar colony that was established in the nineteenth century and has recently been restored and turned into a fantastic market.

Tel Aviv is also home to some beautiful parks, such as the Yarkon Park, where you can stroll along the river, or rent bikes, and work your way through a series of gardens until you reach the sea front. At the sea front, you can visit the Tel Aviv Port, home to a number of shops, restaurants and cafes.

In short, Tel Aviv has a huge amount to offer, and you will never be lacking for things to do.