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Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a municipal museum, one of Israel’s leading artistic and cultural institutions. The museum comprises various departments: The Department of Israeli Art, which holds a comprehensive collection of local art from the beginning of the 20th century to the present; the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, which encompasses international works from the mid-19th century to the present; the Department of Prints and Drawings; the Department of Photography; the Department of Architecture and Design; and the Old Masters Department, with art from the 16th to the 19th century.

The museum is considered the largest art museum in the country and consists of three main buildings: The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, ; the Main Building, and the Herta and Paul Amir Building.


When it comes to cultural centers in Tel Aviv, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art has been a fixture of the bustling city since 1932. That year, the museum was conceptualized and founded by Meir Dizengoff, the first mayor of Tel Aviv. Since that time, the museum has changed its location and be redeveloped several times over. Initially, the museum housed a collection of only a few dozen items. Over the years, its collection has grown steadily and substantially. This is due mainly through the contribution of artists and collectors from all over the world. A dedicated support network of patrons, committees, and friends of the institution have ensured its offerings continue to grow. Today, pieces from world renowned artists, including Rembrandt and Picasso, can be found in the Museum. Concerts, classes, lectures, guided tours, workshops, and many more events can be found taking place on the museum grounds throughout the year.

The museum has resided in its current location since 1959, which was expanded upon in 1971, 1988, and again in 2011. Seated in the center of Tel Aviv, the museum is considered a national landmark.


Permanent collections housed on the Museum grounds include works from a wide variety of artists. The works are mostly contemporary and consist of pieces from the first half of the 20th century to modern-day. Modern art movements represented include:

  • Fauvism
  • German Expressionism
  • Cubism
  • Futurism
  • Russian Constructivism
  • The De Stijl Movement
  • Surrealism
  • Impressionists

The foyer of the museum features a giant two-panel mural created specifically for the museum by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Masterpieces found throughout the exhibition space include those from Klimt, Kandinsky, Rodin, Archipenko, and a menagerie of other artists, such as Jackson Pollock, William Baziotes, and Richard Pousette-Dart, and Surrealists works by Yves Tanguy, Roberto Matta, and André Masson.


Guided Tours

Guided tours can be arranged through the museum and are led by staff who are well-versed in the Museum’s collections, both past and present. Guided tours are available for both youth and adult groups. Audio resources can also be utilized by visitors with headsets and recordings that detail information surrounding each exhibit. Audio resources are available at no additional cost to visitors who have paid the price of admission.



The Joseph & Rebecca Meyerhoff Art Education Center (Dubnov Campus) provides the workshop space for those interested in educational enrichment events sponsored by the museum. Workshops can include a variety of events, ranging from painting and sculpture, print, photography, video, and computer art.

Participation of children from economically deprived neighborhoods are especially encouraged and supported through financial assistance.


Shops and Cafes

The museum features two cafeterias where visitors can eat, drink, and sit during their visit. Coffees, teas, and light snacks are available for a price. Discounts are available to museum members.

Gift shops provide unique souvenirs, memorabilia, and tokens to commemorate special events that take place at the museum. Discounts available to Museum members 

Entrance Fees


CategoryCost (NIS)
Tel Aviv Resident (with Resident Card)40
Student (with International Student Card)40
Child up to age 18

with adult supervision up to age 13
(for maximum three children)

Senior Citizen25
Enlisted Soldier25
Enlisted Soldier in UniformFREE



Members of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art receive substantial benefit in the form of additional access and discounts throughout the museum. They are considered major contributors to the cultural preservation provided by the institution. Activities available to members include exhibitions, chamber music, vocal music, concerts for the whole family, jazz and world music, Saturday Magazine, plays for children, a wide range of lectures on culture, art and music, Friday encounters, teachers’ extension courses, workshops and courses for children, youth and adults.

Membership to the museum is available for those who want to take advantage of certain benefits, including:

  • Free Entrance to the Museum including the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art
  • Invitations to Openings of new exhibitions throughout the year
  • Discounts at the Museum Shops
  • Monthly Calendar of Events, mailed to your E-mail
  • Full use of the Helena Rubinstein Art Library


Annual Membership Fees


Couple (Residents of Tel Aviv)340
Individual (Resident of Tel Aviv)170
Individual – Senior Citizen115
Couple – Senior Citizens200


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