Tel Aviv Theaters

If you love the theater then the chances are that you will want to explore the local theater when you visit a new city. In Tel Aviv you will find a diverse range of theaters with a range of style.

The main theater is the National Theater, called Habima (the stage). It was founded in 1912 and its plays have been celebrated at theater festivals across the globe, for example, the Habima theater company performed The Merchant of Venice at London’s Globe Theater. They put on a wide range of plays, from classics such as works by Tennessee Williams, to contemporary Israeli theater. Best of all, some plays have English subtitles.

Perhaps Israel’s second most famous theater is the Cameri Theater. The theater is located near the Azrieli Centre, and the company tends to focus on works that highlight important Israeli issues. They also offer plays with English subtitles, so it could be the perfect place to gain an artistic insight into modern Israel.

The Beit Lessen theater puts on shows in three locations around Tel Aviv. They tend to focus on contemporary European and American plays, and have the occasional original production and shows for children.

One of Israel’s newest theaters is the Gesher Theater. It was established in 1991 by Israeli-Russian immigrants and tries to bridge the gap between the two cultures. They focus on Russian plays and tend to perform in Russian or Hebrew, occasionally with English subtitles.

If you want to see Israelis and Arabs working together then go to the Jaffa Theater. It is a collaboration between Jewish and Arab artists who work both together and separately.However, the plays are in Hebrew or Arabic, and rarely have subtitles.

For some avant-garde theater go to the Tmuna Theater where you will find all kinds of productions such as dance shows, literature and poetry readings, art exhibitions and more. However, everything there is in Hebrew.

You can also see one of Israel’s smallest theaters, the Tzavta Theater that is hosted in the London Ministore on Ibn Gvirol Street. They host a range of productions from different groups in all different languages.

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