Transportation in Tel Aviv

Like any modern metropolis, there are plenty of transportation options in Tel Aviv and getting around the city is very quick and easy.

Throughout Israel, public transportation uses a smartcard system called Rav-Kav. You can pick one of these up for free, and then top it up with credit, specific journeys, season tickets, and so on.

There is a huge bus network In Tel Aviv operated by a company called Dan. When you use these buses the easiest way to pay is with a Rav-Kav, and don’t worry, you can even top them up using machines on the bus or via an app on your smartphone. There are plenty of apps to help you navigate the bus system, such as Google Maps, so you should easily be able to find the route you need.

Parallel to the bus system is a network of communal taxis called Moniot Sherut. These are minibuses that hold around 12 passengers and follow some of the main bus lines. They are large yellow cabs and you can’t possibly miss them. Just stick your hand out at a bus stop and if there is space for you, they will stop.  You pay the driver in cash (this is often done by taking a seat and then passing the money forward via the other passengers) and simply call out when you want to get off.

Around Tel Aviv there is also a system of bicycles that you can rent. You can pick them up and drop them off at the stands across the city, and as Tel Aviv is relatively flat, it can be a great way to get around.

At present, a light rail system is being built in Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas and it is due to open in 2021. In the meantime, if none of the above options appeal, there are always plenty of taxis on the streets happy to take your fare.

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Ben Solomon is originally from the UK but he has spent more than ten years living in Tel Aviv. During that time, he has enjoyed exploring all aspects of the city such as the nightlife, the cafes and restaurants, live music and more. He is also a keen writer and a massive supporter of Tottenham Hotspur.

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